Sun Diego Car Rental
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Miramar Office: (858) 271-8533

Customer References

Laura dal Zotto

"I have rented from Sun Diego Car Rental for almost 1 year. They are friendly and treat every customer kindly. I thought about buying a car, but after seeing all the value, customer service you get for your money it was an easy decision to continue to rent from them!"

Seong-Won Kang

"If you are a foreign student I strongly recommend Sun Diego Car Rental. I studied English in San Diego and found that their student rates for a combination of price and quality of the car are the best by far!"

Chia-Chuan Chen

"If you want the best cars for the best prices, you found the best company in Southern California. I am glad to tell you that my car was excellent and yours will be too!"


Semih Doguer

"We have been renting from Sun Diego Car Rental for almost one year. They have newer clean and reliable cars at the best prices. Their staff and service is the best in San Diego. They are very friendly and try to honor all your special requests. We strongly recommend this company to all foreign students and travelers."

Carmen Gaertner

"Sun Diego Car Rental is an outstanding car rental agency, specially for foreign students. I have compared many prices, but nobody is as inexpensive with such good cars and service. If ever there any problems or questions they are always willing to help you. All I can say is Try It! And you too will recommend them."

Carlos Parra

"Sun Diego Car Rental offers excelent service. Their vehicles are in great condition and the prices are reasonable. In san Diego, they are the company that offers the best options whatever your needs may be. Besides, their staff is very friendly and personable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, especially for foreign students."

Caterina Ortali

"The staff of Sun Diego Car Rental is very friendly. I've found their service good and I appreciate they are always willing to help any request of my friends and mine.I have rented several times and always was pleased with their vehicles. I was recommend to them by a friend and can honestly feel free to recommend them to anyone. They are an honest company you can trust!"

Vicente G. Neto

"We were recommended to Sun Diego Car Rental by another student. He told us "They have the best cars for the best prices" and he was right! Our experience was nothing short of excellence. They pick you up for free. pleased with their vehicles. I was recommend to them by a friend and can honestly feel free to recommend them to anyone. They are an honest company you can trust!"

Raelli Lukas

"The cars are in a perfect condition; the service is very friendly and helpful. Everything in one sentence: Sun Diego Car Rentals are the best"

Panju Yasin

"I am very happy with the service of Sun Diego Car Rental. Its staff is nice and serious."

Rudolf Von Rohr Simon

"We had this car for 3 months. We could drive the whole time without problems. This is really great!. I'll recommend your Company to other students."

Amanda Tellman

"I think the Car Rental Company "Sun Diego Car Rental" has been really good. They are pretty cheap and they have been helpful to me in many ways. I recommend anyone to rent a car from Sun Diego Car Rental."

Geoffroy Sacha

"It was a real big deal! Car was good, and the price reasonably for this kind of car."

Alessandro Gruzza

"I found a very good service, reliable car. I think it is very important to rent a new car especially for somebody coming here to US. This Company is used to dealing with international students, you can trust it!"

Marcel Bohren

"No problems at all. Friendly staff. The cheapest in town. Pick up service included. Thank you!"

Rodrigo Ramirez

"Sun Diego Car Rental offers a really good service and comfortable cars. The price is one of the best in the market and also they are worry about you all the time. Try it!"

Eun-Kyoung Chung

"This car is new and clean. I like the car. I'd strongly recommend "Sun Diego Car Rental" to my classmates. They also provided a baby car seat. It was nice too. Thank you!"