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Specializing in large size van rentals, we offer trucks, mini vans, 12 passenger vans, and 15 passengers vans.

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From small cars to convertibles and SUV's, we have short term and long term rentals to fit your needs.


Car Rentals in San Diego

Sun Diego Car Rental Locations

Sun Diego Van & Car Rental specializes in car and large van rentals in San Diego, CA. Here, we feature newer, cleaner, and more reliable cars and rental vans than other car and van rental businesses. We cater to Foreign Students, Foreign Travelers, tourists, Church Groups, Sports Teams, Youth Groups, and Corporate Renters. We offer car and van rentals for Mexico travel. Contact our car and van rental business in San Diego California, where we specialize in car rental and van rentals including 7,11 and 15 passenger vans for foreign travelers and students, church groups, ministries, sports teams and corporate traveler into Baja.

Two Locations in San Diego

6904 Miramar Rd. #108
San Diego, CA 92121
3705 Pacific Highway
San Diego, CA 92110
Near San Diego International Airport